Why The Apple Watch Is A Must For The Modern Man


As if the the Apple Watch wasn’t already one of the most highly anticipated items of the year, it’s more than just something to tell time.

Sleek, slim, and extremely stylish, the buzz around the Apple Watch has many consumers raving. Of course, you might bring up the fact that Samsung has already launched their watch, but lets be honest, you buy an Apple product as a symbol of your social status – exactly why this watch is great.

The initial base model will cost around $349 but if you want to really tell time in style, you can purchase the 18-karat gold (rose gold or yellow gold) body with sapphire crystal and ceramic back and starts at $10,000. This is where the watch becomes head-turning.

Why would you want the Apple Watch? Well for starters, it stays connected with your phone so you can easily get texts, emails, and even make phone calls with its built in microphone and speaker. Sure it may look a little odd at first, but it will most likely be used for short convos. The Apple Watch will also include a fitness tracker with heart-rate measurements – extremely helpful when working out. Of course, like every new Apple device,  it plays music like an iPod (to wireless Bluetooth headphones or speakers), and you can even make payments via Apple Pay.

You will be able to preorder the Apple Watch on April 10, and on it actually goes on sale April 24. It will initially be available in nine countries, including UK, Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany and France.

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