Top 6 Hairstyles for Men in 2015

top-imgWith 2015 one quarter past, there is still plenty of time for you to get a rocking hairstyle to make a fashion statement. Not sure which cuts are trending and will get you noticed? Here are the top 6 hairstyle ideas for you to select from.

6 | The Classic Casual


The classic style cannot be beat by any new trendy hair cut. Somewhat resembling the slicked back look, this one is a surefire charmer. Apply a little cream or gel to the hair and sweep the hair to the side and back. You are not going to regret the hairdo when all the ladies give you the look at the bar/club!

5 | Casual Dapper Back


If you have medium length hair and do not wish to chop them off much, this is the style for you. This is the look that you will see on a lot of celebrities this year. All you have to do is make sure the hair is short and even from the back. Just dab in a touch of gel, slick back with a comb, and run a hand through the hair. Voila, you look picture perfect!

4 | Caesar Cut


Caesar cut is the one for you if elegance and comfort is what you’re going for. Not only will you look completely suave, you will also not have to bother with the brush each morning. Simply take a good styling gel and get instant gels for the night of partying and some rock and roll!

3 | Chopped Messiness


This is the one cut that can literally be carried by men of all ages, from a teenager to a senior citizen. The style gives you a carefree, easy going vibe that simply cannot be achieved by any other cut. Keep in mind that you have a rather free hand here. The best bet is to chop off the length, sides and back, while maintaining the front fringe.

2 | Freedom for the Tresses


Forget getting any cut and let the hair have their own way. Whatever cut you may be sporting right now, let it grow out. Once the hair is at least shoulder length, chop the bottom in a rough, free style. Do not make the mistake of piling that hair in a man bun or high pony tail! 2015 is for the long and free, so enjoy the breeze through those tresses.

1 | Angular Fringe


If there is one hairstyle that has been a true hit this year, it is the angular fringe among men. Left, right and centre, people are getting the cut and looking uber cool. The top long hair length is maintained while the sides are tapered. The great thing about this cut is that no matter what the shape of your face, it will make you look sophisticated and chic at the same time. If you have a round face, this is the cut of the year for you!

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