The Top Trendy Beards Explained With A Chart

top-imgYep, you read right. Beards are back in style! And they are here with a bang. Notice how all lead celebrities are sporting some of the trendiest beards in Hollywood these days; from Chris Hemsworth to Chris Evans, Brad Pitt to George Clooney, David Beckham to Huge Jackman and so many more. And they look smoking hot. If you too think that you need a new look or want to renew an up do on your beard, then you can read on to find out which style best suits your taste. Here are the trendiest beards for the year 2015.



One of the most popular beards of the years 2014 and 2015, because you will see all the men, who are fashion divas, are carrying it. It is an elongated version of the goatee, but with an unconnected mustache over it. The look is one of confidence and casual elegance. Of course, you always have the choice of playing with the mustache making it trimmer or bushier according to taste.

Ducktail Beard

This is another beard that is totally fad these. Again, it was brought into fashion by many celebrities like Ben Affleck, Leo Caprio and more. This full beard ends with a sharp pointy end. It also has a mustache that is connected to the beard. The length of the beard is completely in your hand. Keep a longish hair style and you are ready to rock and roll the world.

Close Cut

This is like the buzz cut hair, where you have a kind of rough stubble on your chin and cheeks. The look is one of rough appeal which is very much attractive to women these days. If you decide to opt for a close cut beard, it will help you in achieving that perfect rugged attire with the cutoff jeans and tees. The best part though is that a close cut beard is great for all face shapes.

Mutton Chops

Mutton chops are sideburns that come down to your mouth and are connected to a bushy mustache. Remember wolverines from the X-Men series? That’s the look of mutton chops. So if you want to go wild, this is the beard style for you.


This is a kind of full beard that also supports a full mustache that is bushy and covering the entire length of the upper lip. The end of beard is rounded to give the appearance of tame and control. If you want to make a very distinct statement, this is the style for you. It can look perfect with gelled back hair and a suit!

Full Beard

If you are not in the mood to trim or shape, just let the hair grow on and under your chin. The out of control thing is pretty powerful and gives you a sense of authority and masculinity. But make sure you brush the hair so it does not get all tangled up.

There you have all the latest trends in the world of beards. So which one will you carry?

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