The Best Looks For Guys Who Are Color-Shy

top imgEvery single guy has gone through the problem of getting some color into their wardrobe and into their style. It is not something new, lots of guys struggle when it comes to adding some pizzazz into their wardrobe. However, if you have been struggling with that problem, then we can provide you with the ultimate accessories to help you establish a new look and add color into your life.



If you want to ensure that you don’t look dull and drab when you go to work, then add some color to your attire with socks that have bold patterns and colors on them. This way, you can be all professional and your formal look won’t be compromised by dull boring brown or black socks.

Shoe Laces


If you are wondering that colorful socks don’t do it for you, then you can experiment with colored shoe laces. It is a trendy way to ensure that your somber shoes don’t look dull and will draw attention to your shoes as well.



Why should young men and women have all the fun? Eyeglasses are a great way to bring about color in your attire. They are fashionable, stylish and add the signal that you are someone who is confident in themselves and are modern at the same time.

A Pocket Square


People think that pocket squares are tricky to pull off and you will never be able to do that along with your necktie. However, you can definitely bring about some spark into your attire with a paisley, patterned or effervescent plaid pocket square.

A Natty Necktie


Adding a natty necktie into your attire can definitely add some color, and the best advice is to pick out colors that are vibrant, adventurous and radiant. They will not only add some style into your attire, but will also help in adding color.

A Stylish Scarf


The best way to ensure that your outfit sparkles with a little bit of color is by adding a stylish scarf into your attire. You can even pair it off with a dress shirt, a business suit and can even drape it around your neck so that it doesn’t look sloppy.



This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you really want to add some color into your attire, then you could definitely make a statement with colorful man bracelets. If you are hesitant about the overall style of your bracelet, then you can ask someone close about how it looks before you decide to go out wearing one in the open.

A Dress Shirt that Pops


Nothing will make a dull attire come to life than a dress shirt that is well-fitted and is colorful at the same time. If you are color shy, then you only need to avoid bold patterns and make sure that the color matches with your complexion.

Color is an important aspect of any attire, and for guys, it is the latest fashion trend that is coming to the fore this year.

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