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Must Have Skills: Crafting The Classic Old Fashioned Cocktail


You’re not in college; gone are the days of ordering two-for-one rail drinks at the club. By now, your taste has probably refined enough past the muted flavor of a rum-and-coke, or vodka RedBulls. Though a proper cocktail is merely a mixture of at least two ingredients, once you start incorporating additional touches, the taste you’re able to produce improves greatly. But don’t feel left out if you’ve yet to explore craft cocktails (though many a snooty bartender will try to make you feel that way), because putting together the perfect cocktail is far easier than you think.

draper3There is no better cocktail to begin your craft journey — no cocktail more popular right now — than the Old Fashioned. It took just a few minutes into the pilot episode of AMC’s Mad Men for viewers everywhere to become intrigued by what the show’s main character, Don Draper, was drinking. A lot of credit for the return of the Old Fashioned can be give to the show; a look into ‘60s Madison Avenue advertising culture. But due to this popularity, there have been many deviations to what was known as the classic Old Fashioned.

These days you’ll find countless different takes and recipes, ranging from variations of the base liquor, all the way to the extra ingredients to add a little flair. But you know what you can never beat? An original. So no matter what anyone tries to throw at you, know that in order to make the perfect, classic Old Fashioned cocktail, all you have to do is follow the simple steps of the video below.



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