The Men’s How To Guide For Removing Body Hair

mainimgIt doesn’t matter if you are a weight lifter or someone who is trying to get their beach body ready for the summer, hair removal is something that every male has thought about at some point in their life. Research has also revealed that around 64% of men in the world regularly manscape in order to feel sexier and cleaner, while it also enhances the way their muscles look. Women are also more likely to be attracted to men who don’t have hair on their body, which is why so many men today have considered getting hair removal. So if you are looking to remove body hair, here are some of the best techniques to get the smoothest results for hair removal.


Waxing is the ultimate form of hair removal, and it provides you with great results, since you will be free of body hair for around 6 weeks. The hair will also grow back softer and finer, since it will be removed from the root. If you are considering waxing to get rid of body hair, always choose a professional to do the job since it can be extremely painful.


Another popular method of getting rid of body hair is by shaving them off with a razor and shaving cream. It is extremely easy to do and apart from a few cuts, you will be able to get rid of your hair fairly easily. The only problem that you may have is when the hair starts growing back, the area can become quite itchy and there is also the possibility of painful ingrown hair.

Depilatory Creams

Most men choose to use depilatory creams, like Nad’s for Men, Nair Men, and Veet for Men Hair Removal Cream. They are extremely easy to use, and only need to be applied to the body and then washed off after a few minutes, and the hair will wash away from the body. The chemicals in the cream weaken the roots of the hair, and it simply falls away. Depilatory creams are extremely useful for getting rid of hair on hard to reach places such as the shoulders.


This is the oldest trick for removing hair, and the technique is said to be over 2000 years old. It offers the same results as waxing, but is less painful, and the technique is faster as well. It is easy to wash-off, since it is water based and there is less chance of any ingrown hair or irritation on the body. The one problem that you may have with sugaring is that you may not find a professional who is experienced with the sugaring process.

Laser Hair Removal

If you want to get a long lasting hair removal solution, laser hair removal is definitely for you. It zaps the cells that produce hair and it works especially well for removing hair on the buttocks, neck, shoulders, and back. The treatment is expensive and time consuming, since you may need to get separate treatments over a period of time, while it stings as well.

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