How To Tame Your Wild Beard With Some Expert Trimming

Before you can embrace the inner lumberjack — the bearded badass that’s been waiting eagerly to break loose from the shackles of regular shaving — there’s that awkward in-between period that needs some attention. To the bearded fellows out there, you know exactly what phase I’m speaking of; where the beard is starting to get scraggly and scratchy on its quest to becoming full and fantastic.

cycle_beardThe important thing to consider is there is a fine line between a rugged-looking beard, and simply a batch of facial hair signifying that you’ve let yourself go. The easiest way to stay stylish, but keep that beard growing, is just to give it a little tune up. Think about it this way, if you’re growing your hair out for a certain style, you can’t just let it go wild (well, I guess you can, but you may not love the results). Instead, routine check ups with your barber or stylist are necessary to keep tabs; to make sure everything is going to plan.

We traveled to Mens Spa in Minneapolis to reign in a beginner beard that was just on the cusp of going slightly out of control. In the hands of an expert barber, you know there won’t be any deviation from the goal of a marvelously full beard. This isn’t just about shaving off the freshly grown stubble surrounding your current efforts, but creating fine, sharp lines to give the outline some stunning definition. And just as you’d notice your neighbor’s overgrown lawn, make sure all the hair on your beard is nice and even. Above all, don’t let your beard become an eyesore for the viewing public; take good care of it often. Once it grows out right, gentlemen everywhere will wish they could craft something as manly!


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