Guys, Don’t Make These Fashion Mistakes


It can be extremely difficult to ensure that you are looking your best at all times. In order to find the perfect-fitting suit and the accessories that match with it, you would need to have impeccable style to avoid a style disaster. Even the most famous celebrities in the world get it wrong on some of the biggest occasions, so don’t be so hard on yourself if your style is not on point.

If you want to look your best and want people to compliment you on your impeccable taste and style, then you need to check out the most common style oversights that men make, which stops them from looking their best. Here are some of them:

Over-packed Pockets

It is common for every man to overstuff their pockets with phones, keys, and wallet. This can cause an abnormal bulge to develop in your trouser pockets, which will attract the attention of passers-by. The quick fix for this problem is not stuffing your pockets with every single item, and you can easily do that by slimming down your wallet and ditching all the excess receipts or change. Carry only the items that you require and ensure that all items are spread out evenly in your pockets to avoid creating a bulge.

Shirt Cuff Cut-off

If you really want to standout in a well-fitting suit, then make sure that at least half an inch of shirt cuff is peeking out from underneath your jacket. Ensure that your jacket finishes at your wrist bone, and your cuff extends 3 quarters of an inch further. This will work exceptionally well when you put together your formal attire and will provide you with impeccable style and admiring glances from everyone.

Sub-Par Shoe Laces

It may not seem like much of a problem, but sub-par shoe laces can spoil your entire style. It is well known that one of the first things that a man’s appearance is judged on is the choice of shoe that they are wearing. So if you have shoe laces that look ratty and discolored, you need to replace them as soon as possible. Get creative with your shoe laces and try new fabrics, colors and patterns that match with your overall attire. You also need to learn to tie them properly if you want to make a good impression.

Poor Sock Choice

Most men don’t consider their socks to be a part of their attire, since they are only a fabric between their foot and their footwear. They are even considered to be an afterthought, since they remain hidden from sight, almost all the time. However, someone may catch a glimpse of them when you take a seat or cross your legs. The best advice is to wear socks that match with your attire and are textured as well so that they accentuate your overall look.

These are some of the most common men’s style oversights, which need to be rectified in order to obtain maximum style points in your wardrobe.

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