5 Kick Butt Style and Grooming Hacks

If you haven’t heard of Birch Box and you’re a guy, you’re going to want to check them out. They basically make any shmuck look like they have their life together. It’s a monthly box club type of deal but you can also go on their site and buy items straight up too.

What type of stuff are they sending you? This is straight from Birch Box’s site, “Each month, your box will feature a range of top-shelf grooming samples—from heritage shave
creams to woodsy cologne—plus a full-size product like a gadget, bar tool, or stylish accessory.”


It’s about $20 per month or $195 for a year long membership. That’s not that bad when you think about it. Let’s face it fellas, how often are you going to buy this stuff in the store? Yeah, we thought so. This is the best way to try out new kick ass products for dudes without having to stroll through the mall.

Plus, they put out these video’s with awesome tips and tricks. Checkout their “Grooming Hacks” video.

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