14 Things Every Guy Needs To Do During Summer

Aaah yes, the smell of fresh cut grass, girls jogging around lakes, parks, where ever, it’s summer, fellas! Let’s be honest, if you find yourself sitting in front of the TV playing Call Of Duty during these prime months, you suck. We know coming up with things to do during these months can be a difficult thing to do, so we figured, as a bro, we’d help you out. There are some staples that every guy has to do in the summer, here’s 14 things you’ve got to do.

14.  Baseball Game, Duh.

baseball game

Even if you don’t like Baseball, it’s summer. Grab a buddy, go get a beer and a hot dog and checkout chicks. Have a girlfriend? Tell her you’re taking her to a baseball game and you don’t HAVE to stay for the entire game, she’ll love it.


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